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Lucky Looter Is Almost Useless by far in A18

Rocky Shadow

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Hello Everyone !


Lucky Looter Perk


From far I can see the skill perk Lucky Looter doesn't affect the actual looting that much...

In my opinion there is no point in putting points in Lucy Looter after you have the first three levels of the perk...


Plus from far as my concern you don't get "better stuff"... but rather maybe "better quality"...

When it comes to quantity I would say Is almost the same for both Level 1 and Level 5 On lucky looter.


Now the Books

Each of the books give you +20% more loot on a specific criteria based on the Book's Volume. E.g. If is a book about getting bonus on looting food, you'll get +20 more food out of a Cabinet.


I don't know how this thing really works...

That +20% isn't a thing per player, but rather a thing per loot container...

Meaning If usually Let's say a Fridge would give you 2 piece of meat, well that thing will stay on 2 pieces...

However if you have potentially 4 pieces of meat, you'll get an additional of 1 more...


The A18 Looting system is different than A17's one.

For example: In A17 you could get Aks only if you bought all the Looting Perks... That's why In A17 everybody had only pistols, shutguns and hunting riffles...


In A18 however you can get any weapon in the game from almost any loot container ( specific for weapons ) without investing in lucky looter...





The Lucky Looter in A18 Isn't really that powerful...


Now I understand...

In A18 you can go in any house on the road and you'll find at least two containers with weapons. If it were to make the looting perks too powerful, you would have all the gear lvl 6 in just 7 days...


The new looting system is more about luck.

You have a lot of containers, you can get anything in them, you just have to be lucky.


Everything here is just what I observed during gameplay. Does it need a Buff/Nerf ? I don't know. Is it balanced? Again I don't know. I say is only about luck. I think this makes the game more realistic... The whole A18 is a brand new 7DTD. You can craft your own world from scratch... OR you can scavenge for your items and if you are lucky you'll get something.


What do you think about the New Looting System? Is it great? Trash? The Lucky Looter Perk needs a buff?

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probably just a post by someone that doesn't understand HOW lucky looter affects things.


Game spawns items, lucky looter will take your chances of getting high Tier items up....keep in mind "up" might mean from 0.1% to 0.5%, or from 7% to 13% or something....so if you didn't get a high tier item in the next 5 or 10 containers you looted...it doesn't mean it's broken. In that first case, it still jumped your chances to get it to FIVE TIMES as high.


Then game gives those items quality...and again, lucky looter affects that (in A17 one of the devs pointed this out exactly), with lucky looter basically raising your effective gamestage (which is otherwise a number based on difficulty * (days alive + level)). Adding to that number will directly boost the chances for higher quality loot to drop....but if you're expecting each level to suddenly increase the quality of most/all of the stuff you find, you're sorely mistaken. Is boosting the chances of getting a quality 6 item from 0.5% to 3% a big deal? heck yeah it is! For every 1 Q6 item the 0.5% person finds, the other guy should find 6 of them....ON AVERAGE.


In short, you can't just take anecdotal experiences with a small sample size and determine that something that works on chance is broken or not.

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I never take the perk ever, all it does is increase the percent chance of finding higher tier loot but it never guarntees it. Either way with the skill or without your still relying on rng to swing your way. It is nice for buried trasure though, the trader quest ones are easy to find without it though as they have an area to search that less than half of the map treasure quests. Lucky Looter does help swing rng more in your favor though as Limdood has explained but it never guarntees anything, you still could go 7 game days finding nothing but tier 1-2 stuff with maxxed lucky looter, its all rng.

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If you want to see the effects of Lucky Looter first hand then play on voice chat with a partner and loot a POI together. Each clearing separate rooms. I typically max out LL first every play through and I become the reason we start having certain gear early. Like a crucible within a week or less. You are at the whim of RNGeezus but, well, aren't we all? If you play with somebody without LL then you will find that there is a reason the "Looter" becomes the one who is supposed to open ALL the loot boxes (maybe not clear but at least spawn the items) while the other guy strips the place bare and picks up stuff left in the boxes.


The percentages are misleading because an increase of 1% to say 10% seems low. Maybe that 10% is for looting something "beyond awesome" in a single box. So why would you care about a 9% increase right? Why? Because when I clear the hospital I am not opening a single Loot Crate. I'm probably going to open closer to a dozen. Suddenly at 10% a pop it is almost a sure thing that at least once, i'm walking away with something really oorah. Maybe a decent tier weapon. Maybe a 4X4 chassis. Maybe a pair of motorcycle schematics and handlebars which is how I got a motorcycle by day 15 on my other server, without a single point into INT. But maxed out LL.


Could I have gotten these things without ever sinking a point into Lucky Looter? Oh yea sure. But the odds are against you.

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The looting speed is insane at max level in comparison, too, and that alone makes the perk worth it in my opinion. When it takes me 20% of the time it takes you to look through that car, I know I can do it with enemies chasing my tail while you're looking at like 15 seconds to loot it.

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