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NEED HELP PLZ modlet A18


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Reward quest item


<reward type="Item" id="meleeToolAuger" quality="6" value="1" />



so the quality="6" dont Work i recive all time quality 1


can you tell me why plz


Something to do with what tfp have done I am guessing. I can't get my survival bags to carry purple either even changing the templates to different ones to.

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Value goes 1 to 6. Quality isn't a factor anymore like it seems.


<reward type="Item" id="meleeToolPickaxeIron" value="6" isfixed="true" />

Reward: Item

Tool: Iron Pickaxe

Value = Tier: 6

isfixed: Will be autoawarded


Like the XML states: A value form 1 to 6 gives tiers 1 to 6, but can randomly be 1 tier lower.

The Quest.XML itself is really helpful for this :)


Hope, this helps :)

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