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A18 RWG server problems


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I have installed the dedicated server tool and 7 days to die and have both set to latest experimental. when I launch the batch file for the dedicated server while trying to create a RWG the console simply outputs the following and then stops.


2019-10-19T17:06:16 1.856 INF WinThread started


when I try to close the console after not seeing any activity like previous version RWG i just get the following


2019-10-19T17:13:23 429.456 INF Shutdown game from Terminal Window


and then the console refuses to close and I have to task manager and end process. is there something very different from RWG and Navezgane in current alpha 18 when trying to set up servers? i only changed the GameWorld property to RWG, otherwise it logs everything and spits out the ip at the end. However, random world just stops, doesn't do anything, and doesn't appear on the list of servers like before.

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I believe I found the issue. I had adjusted the size to 3000 in an attempt to make a smaller world but that is no a correct multiple? either way i changed it back to 4096 and began getting proper outputs. thought during creation it did begin yelling at me saying something about business-something-1 didn't exist as a prefab. the world stil generated but I recieved many many red lines reppeatedly saying something to that extent.


RWG takes a bit to generate. It will appear as if it is frozen through a large portion of this process. You have to wait for it to finish.

This feature was added in a17.

I am aware that rwg requires time, but when it is actualy working correctly it will spit out more than a single line. for future readers, the rwg process paused after something about socket data for a few minutes and then continued normally after I had corrected the world size.

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I have observed a similar behavior. In my case I THINK the problem was having an AMD gfx card in the PC I used to host the server.


If everything is good one should see the following three lines in the server terminal:

2020-01-09T13:09:16 15.729 INF WinThread started

2020-01-09T13:09:24 23.833 INF Started thread RWG

2020-01-09T13:09:24 23.836 INF WorldGenerator:Generating Zihewi Territory

2020-01-09T13:09:24 23.836 INF WorldGenerator:Generating Socket Data


The timestamps and dates ofc are varied. If there is only a first line and no additional lines appears within a minute, at most, there is a problem. I tried and additional lines were not appearing even after waiting for ~6 hours.


In the end I generated a 16k x 16k map on another PC with nVidia gfx card (~3.5 hours) and moved it over to the host with AMD card. Once the map was moved over the server started up fine (at first only had 8 GB RAM in it so it took ~20 minutes to get started on HDD, but after upping the RAM to 32 GB it starts in about 5 minutes even on HDD).


This is for A18.2 (b5) - the current stable version on the Steam.

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