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Need more minimal-investment perks, like Pack Mule, & Sexual Tyrannosaurus


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Sexual tyrannosaurus requires only level 3 in the strength attribute to reach rank 3 in it, I call that a "minimal-investment perk". All attributes other than strength and perception completely lack minimal-investment perks, so you guys should balance attributes more to give every other attribute (agility, fortitude and intellect) at least 2 minimal-investment perks each. A player has to invest a total of 12 perk points into Fortitude and Iron Gut just so they can eat a piece of grilled meat safely, yet, it only takes 5 perk points to get sexual tyrannosaurus to level 3, along with many other perks under the strength attribute. It's pretty self-explanatory how problematic that is, I don't need to try to convince you. You already know it, and I suspect you're already working on it, but I just wanted to make sure. I'll make the following suggestions: For Intellect, Better Barter and The Daring Adventurer; Or, alternatively, move Master Chef from Strength back over to Intellect, and make it minimal-investment. For Fortitude, I strongly recommend Iron Gut and Cardio. For Agility, I recommend Flurry of Blows and Parkour. The beauty of this idea is, all the above perks benefit every playstyle; So even if you only dabble in other attributes, you'll be supplementing your playstyle significantly ^_^\m/

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