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Progression/Raid Mod


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This idea came about b/c I play with the same group of 8 friends. Our problem is that there may only be 2-3 days per week that the majority of us can be online. If someone logs onto the server alone, then we all are forced to handle the next blood moon with less time to progress. This leads to some players opting out of blood moons entirely.



  • Blood moons no longer trigger automatically. Instead, they are triggered by using a [craftable/lootable] consumable.
  • Each blood moon also spawns a boss zombie.
  • Each boss zombie has an exclusive loot table containing items that allow for progression i.e., forge schematic, iron tools schematic, consumable for the next BM, rare item, etc.


The thought is that in order to individually progress, each player must participate in each blood moon at least once.

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