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Old sound effects Alpha 16.4


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Hello Everyone!


I have a question about old sound effect (Alpha 16.4) like :


1.Shot of Hunting Rifle

2.Morning 4 AM sound

3.Evening 10 PM Sound

4.Gaining level sound


Is there possible to restore them in Alpha 18 or change somehow ? Because i love this sound and they are really good.:smile-new:


If someone could help me how to restore it that will be awesome...Have a nice day everyone ;):02.47-tranquillity:

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This may or may not work. There are two possible options I know of.

First is Use UABE, export sounds from a16.4, create a mod use xpath and point to the

folder and sound file. format is was pcm if i remember correctly. Wave format/mp3 possibly.


The second is use UABE export the files from a16.4 then open A18 and find the sound files there

export them to another folder. copy the names over the files you want so they match.

Then using UABE open a18 again select all of the sound files to be changed at once, it should

give you a batch import option. point to the new folder and import them. save and compress.

If all works well then the sounds should be restored.

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