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Consolidated Schematics


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Is it just me, or is having to find PARTS to each vehicle as a schematic a bit...annoying? or Single seed recipes?


I would love to see vehicle schematics renamed (and put together) as something like {examples} <Jeeps!> (4X4 schematics) or <Restore an Indian!> (unlocks the motorcycle schematics)


and I heard a few people say "why not a farmer's almanac to unlock all seeds" and while I kind of agree, I think it should be broken up into maybe 3 books <Fruits and Flowers> <Desert living> <A Guide to Profit Farming>


Fruits and Flowers- Unlocks Blueberry/Goldenrod/Chrysanthemum/Cotton


Desert Living- Unlocks Yucca/Aloe/Hops


A Guide to Profit Farming- Unlocks Corn/Coffee/Mushrooms/Potatoes


Legend: <Titles> as for the "Restore an Indian! title, its in reference to a movie title about motorcycles

"The World's Fastest Indian"


These seem like good ideas to me, what does everyone else think?

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Consolidate seeds, yes. Consolidate vehicles, no.


Collecting each seed individually is just tedious and nobody really gets excited about it. Vehicles, however, are one of the big QoL stages of the game and shouldn't be cheapened, IMO. If you have to have that vehicle right away, you spend perk points and build it.


If you can stand to wait, you might get lucky with the schematics or a trader sale. Both of those are big events that provide excitement to a player and can define a playthrough. In my game, the trader had a motorcycle for sale early on, so I made it my personal mission to drop everything and dedicate all my time to earning Dukes so I could afford it before the restock. When I was able to buy it just before closing time on the last day before restock, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment. That's the upside of keeping vehicles hard(er) to obtain.

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I don't mind either of them being separate. I definitely agree keeping vehicle parts separate. Cheapening the expenditure of those points in grease monkey, already significantly into intelligence is rough....as it is, I've been saving up in my game, selling EVERYTHING I can find...I have 3 days to earn 19000 (or less if i can find another grandpa's awesomesauce) for a motorcycle at the trader. I love that vehicles can be bought, as I disliked spending skill point after skill point to get to a decent vehicle.


I don't mind seeds being separate either though...I can perk into living off the land (which is already "unexciting") and get all the seed recipes in 2 groups....or I can find single recipes at a time, and it becomes somewhat roguelike...in this playthrough I have potatoes, blueberries, and goldenrod. Maybe the next playthrough I'll find Yucca, corn, and coffee early.


And even then, that's only for mass producing those crops...you still find individual seeds scattered and slowly throughout any given game....the seed recipes are just for mass production and consistency.

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