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New Idea to make Tier 4 and 5 POI's desirable

Lanadon Conners

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How about when the ! icon is clicked and the POI sets itself, a "Vehicle" has a 1/5 chance of Spawning inside. (Most of the 4 and 5 POIs have loading areas and garage doors like the factories.)


The Vehicle can NOT be interacted with besides "Search" and using a wrench to demolish at the start.


A Set of "Keys" can be found inside the "Heavy Lockbox" at the end of the POI or on one of the Irradiated Zombies guarding the Final loot.


Once the keys are in a player's possession, the Vehicle's code changes to "Belong" to said player and they can drive it as if they had constructed it.


The vehicle (like the Army Truck or 4x4) would still be inside and require the smashing of the Garage doors (4x4 squares or 5x5 Squares) to get outside and the sounds of all that metal being broken would only be done uninterrupted if the POI had been at least mostly cleared or the "heat" from the noise would bring the remaining Zombies running.


If THIS was a means to gain a vehicle then it would allow more options for players to allot earned points to other areas/skills.


For your consideration

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