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Tool Quality selection during crafting


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Hey TFP,


Great work on A18 so far, loving the new POIs, books, etc..



Came across one issue though concerning tool crafting, unless I'm totally blind and not seeing something.



So the issue is, say I have one steel tool and I just bought a new level of crafting for said tool, and scrap the tool only to realize that the new parts system for crafting requires more "tool parts" than I have. Now I have a scrapped tool and I cannot select the quality of the tool to craft, which now requires more tool parts.


Shouldn't I be able to select the level of quality, regardless of the number of parts I have, because I think people are going to scrap their tools like I did, not realizing the number of required parts and be stuck with no tool. :upset:



Implementing parts/quality is great, but we really need a "quality" selection for crafting because of this. Just a thought.



Keep up the good work.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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