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How to restart the server?


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In Game you would use the Shutdown command. CPanel will be whatever your host's options are.


As for starting it back up, that's going to be on the host configuration. I have a monitor script that runs from cron which will start the server up again after it goes down. If you have Windows, there are other options. If you pay for hosting, they should have something.

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Depends on how you have your server setup. I don't know about AWS or other hosted solutions...just the one where I installed it on Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS and use Alloc's Server Management Scripts.


The process should be the same though...cleanly shutdown all instances you have running and THEN reboot the operating system.


With Alloc's scripts, this is basically what I do (however, I have it all scripted with in-game warnings, backups and automated):


7dtd.sh kill game1
7dtd.sh kill game2
shutdown -R now


If you are looking at the game console itself, you would issue these commands:




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