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34 minutes ago, Pumpkineck said:

Well, I just paid 30$ for a game that crashes constantly. Why is it still being sold on the Xbox Store?  In my opinion its unethical to continue to sell the game in a permanent alpha status to console players. 

1. Talk to Microsoft. Talk to Sony.


2. Do research before you purchase anything. The MD5 issue on the Xbox is well documented, and has been for years. There are ways to avoid it also, so you can have a mostly bug-free experience.

Lastly, this thread was closed a while ago. the forum migration apparently un-locked threads. I'll quote Crater's closing comment, and lock it down again.

On 2/8/2020 at 1:59 PM, Crater Creator said:

Cross-posting this from Roland's post in the General Discussion section.


The following console sections have been merged into [the General Discussion section]:


Bug Reports

General Support


This should tell you all you need to know. TFP is happy to provide a place for those who are still playing the game to be able to meet up and talk about things they wish to discuss. Players can help each other out with tips and troubleshooting advice. However, there is no longer any official support or bug fixing going on because there are no planned updates for the current version.


We don't want to send a false message that support and fixes for any issues with the current version of the game are forthcoming and so those sections were closed.


That being said, there does still appear to be a small but dedicated base of fans who haven't had a bad experience with the game and who are still enjoying it for what it is and who continue to be happy to meet up with others and start a new map and play.


For those people [the remaining sections] of the forums [are] planned to remain open indefinitely.


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The press release that was posted last October is still the current stance of The Fun Pimps. In a live stream on Monday, Richard Huenink, stated that the only way to continue to bring 7 Days to Die to console would have to be a new game based on the fully completed PC game and made to run on the next generation of consoles.


Therefore, there will be no more updates for the XBOX 1 and PS4 versions of 7 Days to Die.



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Recently, when asked about news regarding porting the finished PC game to PS5 and the new Xbox, this answer was given by one of the owners. 



Well we are in the process of looking for a partner to help but it will happen at some point.

I just wanted to update the last press release with this assurance that TFP does intend to bring the full game to the newest generation of consoles provided they can find a partner to do it. There is likely to be no official announcement of this until they do find that partner. 

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