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Development Opportunity - Hoard Reward


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What if there was a loot or XP reward for clearing the hoard and the faster you do it, the better the reward? No reward after sunrise!!! Not only do players use defensive tools to stay alive, the are now willing to spend precious resources on offensive weapons to beat the hoard fast.


...and if you die, no reward.

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I want to see a special "Loot Zombie" during horde nights that only shows up if you kill a certain % of the horde.


He he'd be wearing a backpack with ♥♥♥♥ dangling from it making clanging noises so the players know when he arrives and where he is. He'd waddle up to a player and at about 50 feet or so away he would yell and turn around and waddle away from the players.


The players would have to chase him and kill him with melee while the horde is still attacking, all projectiles would bounce off of his armor.


If killed, he would drop some great ♥♥♥♥ or a good amount of money.


You could have him look like a zombified prepper, wearing a large bugout bag on his back and steel body armor to protect him from gunfire.

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I'd actually like a bounty board type thing added to the traders (instead of those notes you find everywhere, keep treasure maps in loot though)


on every horde DAY (not night) there would be a special bounty for a specific enemy type during the horde that makes them more likely to drop bags (say its normally 1~5%, bounty ups it by 5% per horde night {capping at 25% on day 35}) with say 50 higher loot table chance (still could get useless junk but will be higher amounts of said junk, but chances at good stuff as well)


Notes (kill x type zombies at location like normal)


Bounties (kill specific zombies at location {have small stories like "The zombies in Shamway turned/ate my dad, please kill him before he kills more people ~Susie~" {either kill the dad for turning, or the attacker for killing the dad}


the bounty target would drop a loot bag with an identifying item ("Dad's wedding band/Bloodied baseball cap") that we turn in to the trader for the bounty (straight Dukes and XP, no items but higher amounts of both since the areas might be more populated with enemies.)


Just an idea that might appeal to late-gamers, since early game most people want items to advance quicker

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