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Thanks for making the Chainsaw great again!!


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I have been having a blast with a18 so far.


I missed the oldest alphas where we could land a chainsaw early game. Here's my tale.


I could never seem to get enough tools looting, with my play-style. I got a couple worn out fire axes, but they wore down so fast. On about Day 6, I realized I was not near ready for horde night. Trying to get materials with no pickaxe and no reliable fireaxe. I like using wooden spikes on first few horde nights, so I needed more wood than I could get fast.


I was looting some cool POI that was like a giant woodshop kind of place. BOOM - I get a chainsaw (not parts but a whole one!). Sure it was worst quality and mostly worn down, but I had a handy repair kit. And all those gas barrels I looted had a good stash of fuel.


I tore through like 5 trees and had a freakin BLAST!!! I got enough wood to harden up my base and get all my spikes made. Literally just down to the minute. Also, the sound was less annoying than the older versions, and it felt really fun to use!


Fun Pimps, thank you for making the chainsaw great again!!

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