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Cannot Talk to Trader. Anyone else seen this?


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I've been playing 7D2D A18 for about a week now. Now I came across this weird bug. I just finished a trader quest and was about to turn it. However I got this message when talking to the trader.




I have 2 mods installed extra food/water on UI and remove extra grunts. I removed those mods but I still get this error.


I went to a different trader and get the same message. So no more trading for me?


I have finished lots of trader quests before but now why so suddenly? Let me try to remember what I did:


1. Fetched buried supplies from a POI.

2. Buried supplies went into backpack.

3. Removed some items from the backpack .

4. Sorted my backpack using the sort button.


Computer specs:


Win 7 Pro 64 bit.

16 GB Ram

Radeon RX 480 graphics card



RNG World using one of the old territories maps.


Like I said, traders/quests were working but suddenly stopped working.


Anyone have any ideas?



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Did a search on the forums and found this thread which is exactly my problem:




So apparently when you finish tier 4 quests you'll start on the tier 5 ones. However, there is some kind of bug with tier 5 quests which will prevent you from talking to any traders.


The OP's workaround was to edit the quests.xml file and remove the entries for tier 5 quests.


I modified my quests.xml file and this seemed to work. I'd rather be able to trade again and get tier 1 - 4 quests again then not being able to do anything with traders.


BTW, the OP thread was for A17.x but the bug has continued on to A18.


Hopefully this issue gets look at.

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