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Who is this supposed to be?


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Something interesting for horror fans and for the coming halloween:


There is a invisible being that hovers over my bed at night and every once in a while he will twirl my eyebrows or my nose hairs (he likes to do that), he has also stopped my heart a couple of times and has put a spider in my hair a few times (he knows I hate spiders) and the usual spiders are crawling over my skin thing too as well, and he likes to give me severe pain at the end of my amputated leg, like he is pinching my nerve ending and it is so painful my leg has to be shaken because it hurts so much and is really unnatural pain to begin with. He (or maybe she) occasionally likes to make footstep feelings on my bed like someone is walking on my bed and no one is there.


He is scary and he is powerful but I choose to not fear him and it probably irritates him when I just play off his attempts to scare me. It could be out of a horror movie and it is no fun to deal with but its my life. He actually said something to me 2 nights ago about 1' from my face while I was in bed, that's the first time I heard him speak, I live alone and no one is actually there to be seen during all of this.


I am not lying or trying to be funny, it is all true and I have no idea why he picked me to do this to. Am playing 21 with the devil?


This sounds like a riddle but I assure you it is really happening every night I lay in bed.



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