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CrainBramp: Survival Gaming + Mod Spotlights

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Morning All:


Coming back to streaming and recording after a couple of year absence due to health issues. Somehow managed to not die ... and am actually back better than ever. Must have been all those hours of 7D2D :)



What Can you Expect From the Channel?

Although at the moment, I'm just producing 7D2D content, I both run and play on the CrainCraft Game Server network, and play everything from Conan to Rimworld, to Minecraft ... as long as it's heavily modded, I'll play it. I enjoy playing anyway, and laughter is the best medicine, so ... I'm back, and it's just no telling what you might catch me playing.

Normally, I record in 4K/60fps, but have had to come back down to 1440p with Alpha 18.

My videos usually run 45 min to an hour each episode. I do try to get a video out every day, but ... you know ... life.


Content / Style

Pretty laid back, and more jovial. Off-kilter, irreverent ... building, crafting, questing ... I cut my teeth on Minecraft 1.0, so it's all about one ... more ... block. Currently, I am enjoying the stun baton WAY too much and whinging about constantly forgetting to carry rocks.


Rocks! My freakin' kingdom for a rock inside a POI.


Dunno ... stop or by ... or don't. :smile-new:


Regardless, support the content creator YOU watch. They deserve it. Yeah, I'm lookin' at YOU ...


Channel: https://youtube.com/crainbramptv

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New series. All wasteland, all city, 5x zombie spawns and Snufkin's Server Side Zombies. It's gonna be a wild ride.



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