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Can't complete quest - loot bag empty


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I'm doing an Retrieve the Supplies tier 1. I get to the POI. I activate the quest. Loot house. Find the satchel that is supposed to have the loot...and it's empty. I go outside, there is that bouncing exclamation point, Press < Button> to start quest: tier 1 fetch. I try to activate it *again, and it says "This area is not available for questing".


I've taken the house apart thinking the supplies are somewhere else, and while I've found several backpacks I didn't know existed, there are no supplies to be found. This quest is basically dead in the water.


It is possible to reset this quest and just start all over?


Linux - Slackware 14.2+, playing on dedicated server. A18 b143


Edit: Figured out how to cancel it. Trying it again.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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