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Any fast way to get a ton of scrap iron?


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When I think 'A lot of scrap iron' I usually am not without it after the first day.


But I scrap pretty much everything iron find without much of a second look. Most of my builds are very big about inventory management.

I often wrench the crap outta cars that you can't loot. That provides me with quite a bit. Iron pipes I keep about 10 of them but thats about it, and I tend to keep that in whatever chests I have. This includes raw iron too. By day 2 I usually have over 4k.


But, others might consider this too 'grindy' with as much looting I do. I'll usually hit most of the POI's near my primary base (even temp ones). It adds up fast.


But, one thing I did notice with Alpha 18 is that since I usually have a junk turret with me, I run out of ammo for it quickly and often I am forced to actually mine by day 2 of wherever I might be setting up at.


I almost always perk lucky looter, even if I'm not building +Per. That first dot definitely nets me quite a bit of iron based swag, including iron sledges which I will also scrap (often in workbenches for sanity reasons).


There is also a new high school or library POI that has a sick amount of lockers, desks, and other ironworks you can hit with the pick.

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If your in a hurry and you have the auger you can attack the least useful cars (the ones with just the chassis) and get only Iron and Gas and in the wasteland there are so many, you can attack 30 of them and get a lot of iron and gas very quickly, although leave the undamaged and the half damaged cars alone for a wrench later on.


I too scrap a lot of things from springs to rebar frames, if you find rebar and you do not need them, they put out a lot of scrap. I have also been scrapping every canned food other than Salmon, Chili and Dog Food for obvious reasons. Tools will also give a lot of scrap, like sledgehammers, wrenches and pickaxes. This is based on my current game in A17.4, I cannot even imagine what the changes are so I really cannot give much advice on the new alpha.


Like said above, scrap, wood and stone are always in my backpack at the start of a game at the top row after dukes, later in the game I keep some Forged Iron and Steel next to it.


You know this one thread of all the threads makes me want to get back in the game today. I haven't been into it the last week or so, so thank you for this motivation to get back into it - at the moment I am 1 day away from laying my concrete base floor 60X60 Rebar Frames and Concrete.


55 Concrete Buckets 55000 Total Concrete

600 Spike Traps

150 Iron Bars Bottom

100 Iron Bars Top

11000 Rebar Frames 22 Stacks of 500

100 Concrete Plates


I have all but about 1000 more rebar frames.

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I like to collapse the metal on bridges, just attack it at its base and it will fall and you will get a boatload of I beam clusters to use your axe on.


Good idea, I'll have to try that sometime. I used to knock down those cell towers.

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