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SHG PVE server LF PVE gamers


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We are looking more gamers to our server


Discord : https://discord.gg/kcd7PwU



SilentHill Gaming - info

PVE server


Max players



Joyoki Mountains


No website configured




:x: Password

:white_check_mark: EAC


:small_orange_diamond: Game difficulty: 3

:small_orange_diamond: Day night cycle: 60

:small_orange_diamond: Day light length: 18

:small_orange_diamond: Max zombies: 60

:small_orange_diamond: Blood moon enemy count: 8

:small_orange_diamond: Land claim size: 15 - Dead zone: 30 - Expiry date: 3

:small_orange_diamond: Game difficulty: 3

:small_orange_diamond: Drop on death: Delete all

:small_orange_diamond: Player killing mode: PvP

:small_orange_diamond: Air drop frequency: 3 days

:small_orange_diamond: Loot respawns in 7 days

:small_orange_diamond: Loot abundance 100


for more info You can contact me trough discord :)

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LF gamers for our server inffo above , doing fresh reset when we find 10 new gamers to our rank we are currently 8 active pve gamer looking for more gamers to join in our ranks our server is here to last( payd for bit above year for now) we have runned for about 3 years so far and will stay here for newbs pros and anything between that . we are also recruitting active Gm's if You think ur man for job send me PM IN STEAM (becauseno1) about it and we'l meet in Discord & have a chat about it & dont worry about ur english grammar since i know mine suck but idc :D,

For short about our server if we run out of "juice" we buy more . I'm sorry that Answering might take a while but , I'm truck driver so my RL life is on the road and dont really know when i'm home :)

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