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PC requirements?


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Personally I play with a 1050ti and an AMD fx-8350 with 16GB DDR3 ram and I am able to play at medium settings with shadows off. It doesn’t look as good as my wife’s PC with an RTX2080, but it’s playable and coming from console, looks better then console anyways. My equipment is all outdated, it’s decent, but outdated so even a mid tier PC you buy right now is going to be better then what I have. I guess it comes down to how much you want to spend on a PC. The AMD ryzen chips seem like really great deals compared to Intel, so that’s probably the way to go, but if you are intent on sticking with Intel, the i5 9600k would be a good pickup. As far as video cards, the 1660ti seems like a good option. RAM is cheap enough that I would go with 16GB, probably don’t need more than that unless you plan to host a dedicated server with 8 of your buddies on your PC.


As far as the controller, I primarily use it. If the motherboard you purchase has Bluetooth, you can connect it directly through Windows settings. If the motherboard doesn’t have integrated Bluetooth, you can do what I did and purchase a usb Bluetooth adapter. It works early well and I never have an issue. You can also switch to keyboard and mouse if you need/want to without having to go into the settings which is nice.

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- High end modern quad core CPU or better

- Bare minimum 8GB of ram, 16GB recommended

- 2GB of dedicated video memory (GTX 1050 / GTX 960 or better)

- Highly recommended to be installed on SSD


Make sure the computer case is well vented because things get hot when playing this game. This game is not at all like any other game... so while you may be able to play other games on high settings with a potato machine, this game will eat that potato and demand more just to run stable because of the amount of voxels it renders and have to calculate for structural integrity. Even the most expensive computers right now struggle to play this game at 4k on max settings.

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