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Alpha 19 General play answers, ideas, and/or concepts

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20 minutes ago, Demandred1957 said:

So I have a question.. I was playing my single player game and someone joined my game.. I'm not playing on a server.. How??

You are the server. Set Server Visibility to "Not listed" and Max Players to "1 Player".


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Plot Idea:


The players are from a last ditch effort code named: Project Rubicon. (As once started, can never be undone). 

Humanity was rapidly dying off from radiation and day to day injuries.  A stronger human species with rapid healing and learning capabilities was required. 

Extensive genetic modification were made to countless embryos, of which, less than 1000 survived.


Day 1 is actually the first, fully conscience day the player had. 

The planes are from the remnants of the scientists and engineers who worked on Project Rubicon to ensure all the "new humans" have the best possible chance to survive without weakening them, as they become stronger with each challenge they face, alone.  


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1 hour ago, Elaura said:

I would like to see Cement, Concrete Mix, Sand, Dirt, etc. stackable in bags or something similar. Our storage is filling up with non-stackable materials.

If it is filling up you seem to have no use for it. Throw it away, sell it, or build that skyscraper you always wanted to build.


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I do change stacksize of cement/concrete mix to 6000 to match the other items.


I do make skyscrapers, big bunkers, so going through 60k mix is easy to do. Just saves on having to make extra storage boxes.

(granted, later on, once I have a full box of rocks, sand, cement and concrete mix, ..)


It's all the clay that piles up really really fast. (and I do dump a bunch of it)   :)


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