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Server sort of not responding


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Hi all,

I'm running a dedicated server on Linux, and I've encountered an interesting issue. My group and I decided to explore Dishong Tower, but the server goes into a sort of...not responding state. Nothing is intractable, zombies don't move, Telnet commands don't work and no one is able to log in. But it does respond in that I can log in to Telnet, no one is kicked (until I force the server to close) and it still shows up in the server browser.

I've been reading through the logs, and nothing stands out to me as being a problem. Sleeper volumes restoring, then nothing. If I restart the server (after forcing it to shut down) players can log in and move a short distance before the server stops responding (sort of)


If anyone has any suggestions or any idea what might be going on, please let me know

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Are you recording performance data so you know what is happening on our server? Such as the CPU usage, network, disk, etc.?


I use nmon which comes with Ubuntu Server. I also use a kornshell script called nmonchart which looks at the raw data and outputs it to an HTML file that utilizes google's charts and javascript. If interested, here is a quick list of what you can do (assuming Ubuntu Server):


If you don't have ksh, you will need to install it for the nmonchart script.

apt install ksh


Download the nmonchart from SourceForge:

/usr/bin/wget http://sourceforge.net/projects/nmon/files/nmonchart38.tar -O /tmp/nmonchart38.tar


Extract the contents of the archive:

/bin/tar -xf /tmp/nmonchart38.tar


Collect a small sample set of data (this will take a sample every 10 seconds, 12 times which is just 2 minutes of data):

/usr/bin/nmon -F unsorted.nmon -t -s 10 -c 12 -m /tmp


Sort the raw data:

/usr/bin/sort /tmp/unsorted.nmon > /tmp/nmon.csv


Process the nmon data and output the HTML file to your website folder:

/tmp/nmonchart /tmp/nmon.csv /var/www/yourdomain.com/nmon/index.htm
chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/yourdomain.com/nmon
chmod 644 /var/www/yourdomain.com/nmon/*


I have only recently re-installed 7 Days to Die on my server and have noticed Alpha 18 is chewing up my CPUs constantly even when nobody is connected...but have yet to actually start playing it.



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