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My Impression of a18


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Well, after reading several posts Talkin bout dis n dat, and me myself having played now till day 20 on 90 minute days on almost (some quality of life changes like keeping toolbelt only at death and marking planecrates) default settings, I get the feeling people are Petty over things i would've never thought about.

From Day 1-5 i Sololy Looted and ran for Quests. Crafting 4-5 stonespears instead of using a bow is an awesome and efficient way of Killing.

Having a bedroll and chest inside a POI and only visiting it for unloading loot and being respawned twice from dieing by unexpected tanky boars.<- that ones my fault for neither reading the patchnotes nor having used the Shotgun i had in my toolbelt the second time i encountered one.

For day 7 i had a T2Pistol, a T1Ak, a T1Doublebarreled and enough ammo to spend it without a second thought. LOOT ONLY

Having bought a Bicycle on day 3 and finding a Lucky Googles on day 4 turned out to be a massive progressionboost too.

At day 14 i faced the Horde with an T5Smg T5Ak, T5Pump shotty and a T4 Marksmanrifle all modded out with randoms i found.

From there i rushed any Buildings with books and got the schematics for the 4x4 Truck which was fully built from scratch on day 17.

I never bothered with assembling weapons as i put stats into stuff primarily like Advanced engineering, miner69ner, wrenching, looting, Motherlode and daring adventurer.

With using a cigar i dont bother putting points into the better barter.

Days 18-20 i spent with building a full hordebase with Concrete only and getting a Truckload of basic ressources like oil shale, potassium, coal, sand, Stone ect with my Trusty T5-Auger and Chainsaw i got from accomplishing the completion of the T4 questline.


With maxed Daring Adventurer.


I Love this Alpha by far the most of all the alphas there ever been, but it is kinda too easy right now in terms of the impact loot has plus beelining straight through walls/framing the way up to the big Bootyloot.

I KNOW I DONT HAVE TO AND GET DAT DUNGEONFEELING, BUT if i got the decision to make between 10ingame minutes of ninjalooting the good stuff immediately and having to walk through the whole building oneshotting several Z's before gettin the loot, i rather choose the loot. The XP i farm by Building my Concrete base with gramps learnin elixyr RN.


The Crafting of farm plots feels Balanced, as theres very much roadkill for rotten flesh and Bones. I got 2 stacks of bones already after having crafted 200 glue by Chemstation.


I would reduce the general Abundance of awesome loot like the T4-T6 weapons and Ammo in Normal minidungeons by a huge amount

and maybe even make that an EXCLUSIVE uncommon/common Loot thing for Shotty messiah and Stiff tools dungeon factories.

That way players have to do decisions if its worth the risk to go for factory or rather scrap the parts from crappy weapons and craft a T5 one oneself.

Havent crafted any weapon or tool but Stoneage stuff by hand.

Right now i am preparing electricity to be Working in my Hordebase with Shotty turrets, bladetraps and Ele-fences


As Opinions go i side with TFP. Learn, adapt, overcome.

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