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Random Gen - new game generation time


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Starting a new random gen game takes such a long time. I know you only do it once per game and I'm sure funpimps already know it needs some attention, just not high on the list.


But, surely there must be some way to make it more efficient... anyway, while I'm waiting right now I made this post:


What are your favorite things to do while waiting for your Random Gen map to finish generating?


1) Make silly forum posts poking fun at it

2) Staring at the screen, while listening the soundtrack like 58 times in a row, going slowly insane

3) Turning into a zombie in real life making groaning noises

4) Reading obscure developer messages about "generating height maps" for like 2 hours

5) Taking a short vacation while leaving your computer on, and hope when you get home, its ready

6) Scrapping one of your actual wooden kitchen chairs in real life, for usable wood

7) Pondering guppycur's old forum avatar that used to morph back and forth into a lizard man

8) Finally taking that shower that's over due

9) Transcental meditation and astral traveling

10) Playing Empyrion instead... lol :D


Tell me what goofy things you do while you wait!

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