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Alpha 18 - Horde Base Design question - Maze still work?


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Hey all,


As per title, I am curious about what peoples experience has been in alpha 18 so far, with the old Maze base approach?

On my server of about 8 players, I am currently building the base that we'll be using to slaughter the horde and bathe in the glorious XP and joy that brings.


I figured I'd use the same build I used in alpha 17 which was really fun.

Just some switchback lanes with traps, and iron bars above the lanes, where the players stand and shoot down.


No doors or blockages, just they have to go through the gauntlet to get to us.


We are a couple of days out from its first real test, and I was just starting to wonder if it will still be effective.

I tested it in Creative first, and found that feral zombies would indeed file through the switchbacks and path to me up top, no problem. Worked exactly as I hoped.


But since I put down the first version in the server, I have found that little wandering horde zombies aren't pathing into the maze if they detect me (which I've made my presence known). They wander up and start hitting walls (a no-no so far.. still building and need to get the concrete upgrades done to my 2nd tier flagstone).


So while I'm at work today, I thought I'd broach the question.. If there are tweaks I need to make, I can dream about them while at work, and be prepared to enact them tonight!


Thanks for any feedback.

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