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Some Observations with A18


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First off it looks great - albeit a bit cartoonie... From animations to icons, etc. It all looks great! Low FPS however just kills all of it... I may have a video of trying to play at 9FPS! Yup... 9 FPS... lol That was on a dedi and I have a feeling that trying to play on a 16384 map was what was part of the culprit, but I'll know more about that later today. Maybe it was that new setting cause I doubled that lol

The raging seems to need a bit of tweaking... Having zeds rage multiple times very often (B139?) wasn't fun but a great addition!

I like the way you can build a lot of things without needing a book or perk!

The skills/perks need working badly. You need like 7 points to just make 'medical bandages'?!? Yikes! Then you get to farming - which bites too!

Pathing is much better, albeit the animals probably need a bit of work...

Having to lead with shooting arrows feels more natural :)

I like and dislike the mining... Not enough exp results in lagging behind a 'looter/killer' player.

Leveling without being a looter/killer bites bad. Maybe learning by doing with mining might work?

Yes I am a fan of Learning by Doing... Just think... Lock picking is an art that is learned by doing much more so than just learning as many other things are.

I do miss grabbing the gas barrels!

Running through the desert/burnt forrest while injured

Feathers can be an issue now. A mod made plastic usable as fins for the bows...

I love the new weapons but haven't gotten a junk turret yet :(.

I need repair kits to repair almost everything?!?

My wife and the other ladies are wondering about painting, cloths and building things like cabinets... But I've mostly been running for my life, digging holes here and there lol


For me its like day 15 and about level 14 or so. I've gotten like 6 hunters rifles, 4 pistols, 3 AK 47's, bunch of sledge hammers, etc... But no wooden bow... The number of perk/skill points to get that?!? OH! I was looting and was stuffed... Then I tried to put some loot in my bike... Sadly it was full so I had to make a temp storage... Then I thought it would be 'cool' to have liked saddle bags appear when there's something in the bikes' storage, or any other vehicle's storage!

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Animals perhaps do need a bit of working...


I once was travelling to a faraway buried chest. Climbing a small hill i stopped just in front of a small rabbit. Missed it 2 times with my gun (wanted a fast kill) before finally hitting it and one-shotting.


Still need to make a bike...

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First off it looks great - albeit a bit cartoonie...


It is possible you are affected by the graphic bug that a lot of people are having. It makes everything look cartoony and too well lit. If so, try going to video options, and change whatever value you have for Reflection Quality to a different value and hit apply. Then change it back and hit apply again. Fixes the cartoony effect for me, though I need to do this every time I log in to the game. :(

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