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Now I have a Machine Gun. HO-HO-HO


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So I got an M60.


Dear sweet baby jebus with a basket full of ammo belts, the M60 is love, the M60 is life.


It converts 7.62 rounds directly into XP and exploded zombie heads. You can tell zombies you love them like 54 times before you've got to stop and reload with more affection.


My whole focus changed when I got that thing. Now I'm largely an ammo manufacturing facility to keep my thirsty girl topped off.


Ore veins are nice. Mining feels, well, nice. Productive without being a huge grind. I can burn 2 or 3 in game days but come out of it without a mountain of raw materials - that then take 100 hours to convert into ammo, so about a full week of game time (of which only about 40 hours is actually 100% time consumed dedicated focused, rest is just waiting on crafting timers) to get about 3-4 weeks of significant ammo usage.


It's probably too strong but, bluntly, I don't care. I don't want it nerfed. It's glorious and magical and good clean zombie killing family fun. It's also how I'm going to survive day 28 horde.


Anyone else have some m60 experience?

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