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More furniture block groups!


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I really like that the pimps created the wooden and metal furniture blocks, which gives us a compact selection of decorational items to place in the world! However, just as in alpha 17, im still missing recipies for fridges, microwaves, washing machines etc.

I really want to be able to craft these items in a legit way and decorate my base with them!

As a person who likes to decorate, i wish that you could craft just about every block in the game in survival mode.


You could add more group like these:


Electric furniture: As the ones mentioned above.


Clinical furniture: Ex. Medicine cabinets, hostpital beds, bathroom sinks, bath tubs, etc.


Control panel blocks: For all those control panel blocks!


The are probably many ways to group the blocks into different type of groups..!

Plastic, stone, and electric furniture blocks?

In any way, i would be very happy if the fun pimps let us craft all types of decorational blocks!


Alpha 18 is good so far, lets make it even better!

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