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[A18] Best modlets for nomad playstyle?


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What would be the best modlets and/or rules for a nomad Style game?


Haidr'gna had the perfect setup with the Gnamod Nomad mod. You started with a full load of gear, and quests that led you all over the map to find even more gear. But just because you were locked and loaded didn't mean that you were safe. The zombie hordes that spawned each night were no joke.


Unfortunately, this version of Gnamod never made it to A17. So I've been trying to think of existing A18 modlets (and possibly some from A17 if they're compatible), and game settings.


Of course, a bigger backpack mod is a must. KhaineGB had already made one within the first day of A18's release, along with the extra backpack buttons. Larger vehicle storage would also be a big help, but I have yet to see a modlet for that in A18.


A "limited crafting" modlet would also encourage more wandering. There was a "no crafting" modlet for A17 that *may* work, although I did wish that I could at least cook in the campfire. Gnamod Nomad restricted most of the crafting to workstations, which was fine. Especially in these recent alphas, where there were plenty of workstations in the wild. They could probably be modded to have a greater number of workstations that are functional.


JaxTeller had also come out with an "increased zombie spawning" modlet for those who didn't like the fewer zombies in the wild.


And OMG, there needs to be a "flat world" mod like there was in A17. One of my least favorite things about A18 is the extremely mountainous terrain. This terrain is particularly hard to traverse (and near impossible in the desert). Most vehicles are rendered useless by this terrain, sans the gyrocopter, if you can control the thing properly.


As for settings or rules? Perhaps disable loot respawning? Perhaps disable blood moons, but either way would be fun.


One thing I'd like to do is keep gathering loot, and store them at various "checkpoints" throughout the map as your inventory gets full. (The checkpoints can be anywhere or any POI you want.) Delete all inventory on death, and don't lay down a bedroll. So if you die, you can hope to respawn near one of your checkpoints.


That's all I have so far. Anybody have any other ideas, or know of any other modlets (even ones that are in the works)?

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