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A18 - Cant modify regular clothes


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Hi there, can someone pls help me fix my issue ? I have fresh install of game. I cleared all data via game launcher, then i delete whole game. I even deleted all log files and all files from steam folder and even from AppData folder and as bonus i deleted EAC and registry :D. I have fully updated GTX 1070ti


But each time i try to modify regular clothes such as hats, shirts, overcoats, pants and some boots console pop up and there is red msg "FormatException: One of the identified items was in an invalid format" I tried found clothes, i tried craft them but i am not able modify them. I wanted put some storage mod (blue one for regular clothes) but it doesnt work. Does anyone has this issue ? Thx for any response.


There is some screen of the error message



there is log from game if it can help


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