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To an Official 7DTD TFP server ?


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Hello everybody,


Since A.18 has been released, I have decided to comeback, and play a bit on a PVP server.

Then, I have sorted the servers list by players amount, and I have joined EU:PvP:A18EXP(B143) Let's Kautsch 'Kampfschule'

EAC protected server, 40 players already playing, 2 days INGAME old, perfect.

And here comes the problem, as you can see, the server is open since 3hours, and there is already a guy shooting with a sniper Rifle, wearing heavy armor, and already owning a 4x4 pickup.





So, there is 2 possiblities :

Or it's some hacker, and EAC is not working.

Or it's the admin abusing of admins tools.

Whoever it was, we didn't care about, I simply pressed the "Esc" button and have left the server after a minute of play, cause it's not some fair playing conditions. In conclusion, I have bought this game for the PVP part, and I can't find some proper servers to play...


So, here is my request, as The Fun Pimps staff, could you - like in Empyrion, Conan exiles or several other mmo - open your own Official TFP server, to offer to your comunity a high performance PVP server, with a big map, no admins playing, where 50 or maybe 100 players could play in fair conditions, without being persecuted by Hackers or Admins ?


Actually, I'm in a such despair that I could pay 5 or 10آ€ per month to access and play on a such server.

I would be already grateful by considering my distress ^^



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