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logical operators are awesome! thank you pimps!


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The cables and classic switches can stay in the game for early technology because at first you need a computer in your base.






At the laptop you can open the new menu to control your base way better than with cables.




Just add a "AND" function, put your sensor or signal on the input and the device or output signal on the other side.

Finally i can use the new shiny buttons instead of switches, i can make two-way connections easy with buttons.

All the new timer relais and timer-switches make my base to a SMART HOME!

I can add "activate when see zombies" but only "when NOT detecting a human" at the same time and my blades never cut off my head again when a zombie follows me to my door!

I can add several functions to a single motion sensor even with different actions depending what it detects, because its a easy to reuse again signal.

When the temperatur falls at the thermometer sensor it automatically activates the campfire to warm the room.


Damned, i am in a easy for everyone to understand "if...then...else" world!


It was very fun to strip all the cables around my base but now i raised in technology and can get rid of them because meanwhile my base looks the home of spiderman.


thx pimps, waited so long for this feature, its maybe the best ever!

Actually i am piling up more server storages in my basement because every storage can only hold 6 curcuits or devices at max.


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