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Lock picking needs some balance too actually. What personal rules do you use?


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I feel its silly that with 1 point in the perk you can get with 0 points in perception to unlock the ability to craft lockpicks is kinda broken, IMO it should take at least lv 3 or 4 of the perk before you can craft them, or have it also have a super rare schematic to learn the recipe to make them. Sure they may break often, but its not like they are expensive to make, its literally one of the best 1 point wonder skills in the entire game.


I personally balance this in my own way by following rules I set for myself.


I will only use lockpicks I find in loot, and I am not allowed to buy them off traders nor can I craft them unless I find the perk magazine that unlocks the recipe if there is one. I feel this is a fair tradeoff for being able to open 5000-10000 hp containers sometimes on 1 lockpick if I get lucky.


I have a rule with the junk turret to: As its pretty op when placed even without anything in int or its perk due to the stunlock/knockdown it can do while you beat on it with another weapon. I am only allowed to place one if its outside my base for a early warning/ghetto defense system, or, if I am mining I can place one by my mine to deal with zombies. I will not however use it anywhere else unless its in my hands and I fire it like its a gun. Even in hands I feel its kinda OP due to how its basically infinite ammo+the stun lock means they ain't going to get to you until u need to reload.

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