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Random Gen and No Skyscrapers

Moldy Bread

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So I get random gen is well... Random, but the chance is when you create a map it will not have any skyscrapers or some large POIs. In Navezgane this is guaranteed.


Is there a way to at least force a map to include at least one of every POI? If not, then would this be something The Fun Pimps might look at. I'm fine when it comes to things being placed randomly, but when the chances are that a map will be missing a ton of the custom POIs then I may as well play Navezgane, so I can experience them all.

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Sry fer the long delay im still playing a17 and have not looked thru the a18 files to much yet.

These are the vanilla a18 rwgmixer.xml listings


<prefab_rule name="downtownGroup">

<prefab rule="skyscrapers" min_count="2" />


<prefab_rule name="industrialGroup">

<prefab rule="skyscrapers" min_count="1" max_count="2" />


<prefab_rule name="skyscrapers">

<!-- Downtown Zone Groups -->

<prefab name="skyscraper_01" prob="0.2" />

<prefab name="skyscraper_02" prob="0.2" />

<prefab name="skyscraper_03" prob="0.2" />

<prefab name="skyscraper_04" />



as you can see there is a min/max and a prob(ability)

crank them up... min/max is easy to figure out but dont put them too too high unless you dont like decent framerates

prob is simple decimal value... prob=1 means always add this one to the chance... 0.9, 0.8, 0.7 etc,etc

remember that each rule in the the list has diminishing returns... so the first is reduced by the second, the second reduced by the third etc,etc

just cause you tell the mixer to "always" add these prefabs does not mean it will, a lot depends on many variable factors

world size, how flat vs. rocky/mountains, how "crampped" citys are... luck of the draw even

im still learning to manipulate the mixer and biomes files myself (hell, the whole config folder is my playground with this game, I love modding this game, but only really for myself)

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