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Wolfbain5 modlets


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Wolfbain5 starter kit

items for the intro quest and save the dukes note to make you starter class gear.

will tweak this as time goes on. possibly turn it into a quest merged with the white river trader.




AAC workstations

repair destroyed workstations to make working ones

this is a placeholder for now. will be revisiting this in the weeks to come


Better Crafting

seperated crafting of tools and armor and made them statless Look in the crafting tree. more explained below



Brings MP horde night spawns more back in line with SP play.



Trade Post Ads

Look inside mailboxes to see if you can find an ad to your local traders.


No recipe challenge modlet

Perks no longer give recipes, now you can only craft the recipes you find.


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Wolfbain5 Starter Kit

basic starter kit, Use the dukes note to create your class crate.

This is an early version, when it goes public, I will be adding some new classes and expanding upon the concept. Will be tying in the class crate with the white river citizen quest

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Thanks Wolf! I looked it over and the adjustments look good on paper. I loaded this on a new MP server that my brother and I started. Will see how our first horde night is (Day 30).


worked fairly well for the wife and I, have to remove for SP tho


- - - Updated - - -

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