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SMX - SMXhud, SMXmenu, SMXui (Alpha20)


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This looks fantastic! Will it work with a dedicated server? I tried, but seems the coloring/image/backgrounds don't show up, guessing I have to have on my clients too? Server is 18.1 (b2)




Hi, yes it works on dedicated servers but will need a client install.


It has not been tested to work with 18.1 yet though, just so you know.

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No, no blindness involved. This is correct, I have not updated SMXhudBBM and the reason for that is that I have moved the BBM part over to SMXui, which I am currently developing. SMXhudBBM has been reported to work though, even if I have not even tested to see that for myself.


If all else fails there are other BBM mods and modlet out there that will work fine with SMXhud as it doesn't touch the backpack.


When it comes to SMXui I have been saying in a few days for a while now, and at this point I am not gonna say anything as it takes more time than I thought to clean it up for shipping. I am working as fast as I can and it will be ready soon :)


...and to those that wait...a small teaser...




Oh wow that's amazing!!! Definitely needed. Need more opportunities to showcase our character. 😎

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Hello Sirillion,


Your modlet is simply great and it was a pleasure to look in your /config to modify your hud to my taste.

Great work !



I have one question though:


I'm trying to play the game without the crosshair. I just love the immersion and feel of danger it gives.

But i can't find a good way to do that.

I change your hud to make it almost transparent. But there is no such settings for the crosshair.


So i went into the assets1, extracted the "Corsshair_melee" file and changed its size to 0.


And it worked flawlessly.


The only remaining issue is it doesn't remove the crosshaire for ranged weapon........... :upset:


and i can't find any texture/assets related to crosshair_ranged or something like that.



Can you help me ?

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You should probably ask a content modder to be sure but I do think that some crosshairs can be removed from the weapons themselves in the items.xml file.


Indeed, in the .xml we can remove the crosshair but only when the weapon is aimed. "crosshaironaim = false " something like that.


There is no way to remove the crosshair completely in the xml.. :crushed:


Because the F7 key removes all hud including the crosshair, i know there is a way !! But i can't find it.

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Hello, I seen this video on Gamers4Kickz youtube video and thought it looked amazing, but when i install the mod on alpha 18 Stable i only have the base hud and not the interface on tab/boxes. did i install something wrong or is he on a differnt version?

Kind regards


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// SMXhud


This update is the release of SMXhud r2. It adds a backdrop to the toolbelt slots and an optional download called SMXhudTHB which enabled the target health bar for SMXhud. The optional makes the modlet NON-EAC friendly as it requires a patchscript to work.


  • Added: Backdrop to the toolbelt slots.

  • Added: Optional download to enable target health bars.



Download links updated and added in the OP.





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Oh man this looks beautiful. No reason to start a new game adding this correct? Fine to add to existing game on latest exp correct?


Should be fine, but always do backup of saves when adding mods and modlets. 7DTD is somewhat touchy and unpredictable in that area.

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Hey love the UI, been using since A16, however after the last update of SMXui, it seems to disable the effect of glasses/cigar, the XP bonus works, however the bonus Intellect, Strength are not applied.

Cheers, keep up the great work.




I've reproduced this and it is indeed a bug. Thanks for letting me know. It is posted in the wrong mod though, the bug is related to the SMXui modlet and not this SMXhud modlet.

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  • Sirillion changed the title to SMX - (Alpha19.3)
  • Sirillion changed the title to SMX - SMXhud, SMXmenu, SMXui (Alpha20)

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