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10 hours ago, user2010 said:

I apologize, but if I understood you correctly, then all I wrote is their revisions ??


No, it is part of SMXui but they can change it if they like, I cannot as I am not part of their team and I will not change it for the standard SMXui version as I for one like the change.


So if you want that change, either learn how to do it or go to them to have it changed.

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1 hour ago, Sirillion said:

Thanks for the comment!
I'm confused about your mods! For some reason, I do not display it when viewing a picture, but it says that there is a link! All this on this site!
If it's not difficult for you, tell me which parts of your mod to download, which answer the crafting screen in the workbenches!


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Now I'm confused, first you come here bashing on how the mod looks and that you don't like it and now you want me to tell you what to download? It is all explained in the original post and on the Nexusmods page. I don't know what else to add for you.

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