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Small but awesome!


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So nobody talks much about poi garage doors you can open.


No not the doors like at the trader but real doors like your garage that slide up on tracks.


Amazing little detail that brings just a little bit more immersion.


Yea those are really cool.

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An amazing little detail...


I'd find MANY more details where that came from. Looted an army base, which had a garage in one of the buildings. Imagine my surprise finding a big truck engine between two trucks standing inside. Even though i couldn't interact with the engine (opening or picking it up, leaving it for scrapping with a wrench later on, if it's possible at all), i just had to stop and enjoy the sight of it all put together. It really felt i was looking over a real garage.


Not to mention there was a working flag at the entrance. It was waving high in the air and produced sound.

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