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New Weapon/weapon Classes Melee!

Adam the Waster

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since the spears bats and others were added to A18 i made a list of some i have ideas for with there own perks and ups and downs.




The wooden club seems kinda redundant so i think they should make it into the stone club. it would have a similar look but there's a rock in the top part of the stick. and dose slightly more damage!


Steel Club: if your not really a baseball bat guy this would be for you! this looks like you got 4 heavy solid steel Rods that are bolted together. and has a metal rod wrapped with leather. more damage than iron reinforced club.




knives are now a short range yet fast hitting weapons used to skin animals. so the bone knife , hunting knife , and machete are classed as this.


NEW weapon classes.


Swords(perk: Tis but a scratch!) swords hit harder then knives and can dismember much more often. but does not cause bleed that often and can't harvest meat! and little stun ability


Stone sword: uses 10 stones , 5 wood 10 plant fibber and 2 cloth. base damage does 16 and heavy dose 32 at level 1 crafted. but durability is crap!


Iron sword: this looks a hell lot better and is crafted with 15 forged iron, 10 wood, 10 leather and 5 cloth!. base damage is 23 and heavy is 46 has ok durability.


Steel sword: unlocked by blueprint!: Looks badass and kills like one uses 30 steel , 10 forged iron. 15 leather and 5 cloth!. base damage is 32 and heavy is 64 and has a ton of durability


Tomahawks! (perk: Tomahawk warrior) has a nice bleed cripple damage and can cause some nice Chops and can be thrown like a spear and can bounce of the ground once! but has lower damage then axe, can't chop wood well. and in order to throw it you have to hold the power attack!.


Bone tomahawk: a crude weapon but effective. made with. 3 feathers, 10 bones , 8 wood and 7 plant fiber.

these are great if you want a disposable weapon to throw or to crack a skull or to. but have low durability.

base damage: 13 , heavy: 26 and thrown dose 32.


Iron tomahawk: this looks like a socket pipe and has two Blades sticking out!

crafted with 17 forged iron , 7 hide , 5 Short pipes , 2 leather and 10 feathers.

base damage is 19 , heavy is 38, and thrown is 43.


steel tomahawk: unlocked only buy blueprint: this weapon looks like a Saw Blade welded on a thick metal brace!

crafted with. 20 steel, 8 leather, 3 feathers and 20 wood.


Shield(perk: Protector) shield can be a offensive and defensive weapon you can either equip it to your left arm to block attacks but only able to do power attacks(cant uses hammer or spears tho). or uses it as a weapon to block attacks and bash their heads in! and shields would work like this (so if a shield has 18 defence and zombie dose 19 damage you would lose 1 hp. if you just have a shield you uses a base attack and the heavy attack is block, but if you say have a club and a shield , your shield will be base attack and the main attack is heavy!. but to prevent spam with shields they weigh you down and if a group of zombies are attacking then it will lose a lot of defence so if shield dose 18 defence! but 4 zombies together can do 76 damage. you will lose about 58 defence and HP wip)


Wooden shield: this crappy "weapon" is made with wood and tied together and looks the same.

crafted with 100 wood, 30 Plant fiber , 10 cloth and 5 hide.

this "weapons" base damage is 10 but can block up to 18 damage before is ignored


Iron shield: Looks like if you got a car door , got some more metal, put some spikes and a rebar frame wear the window was! crafted with 40 iron , 10 duct tape , 10 leather , and 100 scrap iron.

its dose 20 damage, and can block 25 damage!


steel shield: only unlocked by blueprint: this badass shield has sharp spikes and heavy steel bolted together and is built to last!

crafted by. 60 steel, 20 mechanical parts , 20 duct tape , 10 leather and 200 scrap iron

this shield dose 30 damage and has 60 defence!


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