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A18 new mining and food/drink poisoning sucks


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now if you want to mine raw iron you must make holes on all the map...bedrok mining is gone...now you onli ghet rock if you mine at bedrock no more raw iron i tryed it ....i dont like the idea to make hols on all map...the ores goes down only 10 block and 3-5 wide ...in later game you need very much iron especially now with the demolisher and you have to fill the map with hols to ghet it.....and now with the demolisher we need the stainless steel back ...or lower the demolisher dmg its too owerpowerd...the concrete blocks have no chance against the demolisher.....and the coocked food poisoning chance and the boild water tfp you can take out the campfire from the game...whats the point to coock food and boil water if you ghet poisoning??/? sorry for my bad english:))

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