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A18 so far (Some issues)


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Loving the mod so far but ran in to quite a few issues / annoyances.


Playing from a clean install.


1. Desert biome is super laggy compared to the other biomes. Forest, burnt etc all fine but the moment I step into the desert its a frame rate drop and lots of glitchy movements, mountains and terrain in this biome seem to struggle to render themselves. I have tried tweaking the graphics settings but to no avail. A17 the desert is smooth and sweet. A18 its a glitchy lag fest.


2. Twice ran into an issue that caused me to have to restart where I was trying to drop wood, iron and clay into a forge only for it to ignore the forge slot and just drop the resources on to the floor. Or it would let you place one item and then ignore any further places, dropping them, until you closed and re opened the forge. This after a while extended to most of the inventory.


3. It seems pretty pointless to have to craft an iron door to upgrade a wooden door rather than just using the raw materials as before. This isn't so much an improvement as it is "fleshing out" the crafting process in a more tiring way. I think I preferred it better when you could just use wood, iron, forged, steel to upgrade the doors instead of having to run through all the extra hoops to be able to craft an iron or steel door to upgrade a wood/iron door.


4. You claimed that things weren't so much level locked anymore and you can pick any path you choose. Not so. Lets look at crafting. The first thing you unlock Hammer/Forge/Engineering thing, then grease monkey and then yeah science. Surely if you want people to pick any path they choose you should be able to spec into any one of these from the get go rather than having to put a ton of points into Intel in order to unlock each one in sequence. Even though this isn't a player level its still level locking the crafting to a specific level of Intel. In A17 you could at least choose to put your points straight in to one tree instead of being forced to spend your points in one specific way.


5. In pregen 1 if you visit the desert trader and knock the railings outside of his trailer door they fall off and crash to the floor.


6. In the barns (ones that contains a car, multiple cement bags, cobble stone crates, animal pens etc) you can't farm the cement/cobbles from the suspended platform just in front of the loot room on the inside...because...that whole section will just crash to the floor the moment you hit any of the bags.


7. Rocks are a pain in the a** to mine. Everything else whether wood, iron, clay etc you can get a fair amount of but rocks never seem to give more than about 45-50 per boulder even with points in the perk. Short of mining for hours on end, which isn't exactly the most exciting thing ever, rocks seems to be harder to come by.


8. Ya went overboard with the lighting on the mesh objects. The trash bag for one wouldn't go amiss in a sci fi movie on some alien world. Let alone the horrible lightning on metal, wood and other things. You need to dial back the specular a little.


9. On the subject of textures. Take the birds nests for example, they are so hard to spot now. In A17 you could look around and be like "Hey theres one" now you can be onto of one and short of flying up and looking down you will never see it. If the ground has patches of clay and other types of rock showing through then you have no hope as they mostly blend in and become half invisible.


10. Sometimes if you accidentally click to fire the bow, after it has fired, whilst aiming in. The bow will get stuck in the aim in position. It also sometimes glitches and no matter how much you try, it won't aim in at all.


Okay thats enough for now. I will update more as I play xD

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