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Good random map seeds for A18?

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Nitrogen has been updated to A18 and is making some fantastic seeds now. The water boarders are SO much better than the old borders. Feel much more organic.


I highly recommend using it to make seeds. Here is the map I am playing right now.



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Rolled a nice 4K map.


I setup shop close to the first trader then found 2 others within walking distance and a fourth within bicycle range. Have seen an 'apartment', two 'hospitals' and at least 3 Shotgun 'factories'. Haven't seen a Shamway yet but I only just got a bicycle so haven't explored much as you can see.


The town in the desert seems to be fairly large. I love that there's a lot of urban area close together, almost like it's one larger city with a couple of greenbelts between neighbourhoods.


Seed... shotgunstart




Edit...sorry for the small pic...here's a Steam link to another grab... https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/771734893748019201/0E416B125A2EC00E75AFA72B3DE7E4833986929E/

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Is everyone using Nitrogen tool now ? as there doesn't seem much seed talk in the thread.

I generated a 8k random seed with the name PRNG and so far it seems really good.

I will check out Nitrogen at some point but want to give the RWG mixer a go first.

Also can someone enlighten me what the bedrock issue is.

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If the RWG needs improvement then i think the best thing to do at this current stage is continue using it as much as possible because finding the good and bad traits and will help improve RWG.

I can see though if you want bigger than 8192k maps this is a problem.


Possibly a major problem which is really unavoidable is the time it takes to generate the maps and the way players think differently regards the way the terrian suits the way they play the game.


I will try the Hongkong seed later and see what its like.


I recommend the seed PRNG set at (8k) mapsize if you like a more casual game i haven't got a map image though.


Is having ~10 traders the norm on a 8k map as this is what i have on the current map i'm playing also i didnt realise the traders reward is weighted different (tools\weapons\etc) depending on which trader number they have been assigned.

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It's not the time it takes to generate the map, but that neither the client nor the server will generate larger maps. Nitrogen will generate larger maps that run fine, but the game/server itself won't generate them.


Remember prior to A16 or 17 when you could generate an RWG map that was 20K? For the longest time that was the default because it did not take long to generate it. Now, it takes a long time and uses a lot of resources, and TFP it seems just hasn't bothered to update the map generation code to allow for the allocation of the necessary resources to generate these large maps. It can't be that hard - Nitrogen does it after all. I think the biggest problem is that TFP just doesn't have the resources to update the RWG generation system to do what the underlying engine is capable of doing. They are busy fixing bugs and tuning and tweaking and now thinking of A19, and RWG appears to have been relegated to the back burner. <shrug>

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You could be right it could be a matter of time and other areas need to be worked on.


From what i read on the A18 release notes RWG system was completely rewritten so i'm guessing they have spent a lot of time on it already.


Writing tests for this must be really difficult and constructing and flying round a map takes time, time they don't have and this is just a basic visual not identfying underlying issues.


Keeping the mapsize to 8k seems sensible for this situation being you test the smaller maps as i guess generation is the same for larger maps but take less time to build and test.


NitroGen is a little different where you have a lot of control over the parameters and not just generating a map from a text seed.


Also NitroGen isnt a simple tool just because someone in the community has built something doesn't mean it was easy so kudos to the dev.


Anyway back to 7dtd RWG is there a dedicated list of all the issues with it the 2 issues i know of are:


1. RWG has some road issues

2. RWG world generation results may vary from PC to dedi


I would like to encourage if people want to is test RWG maps and see if we can find anymore issues so they can be identfied and put on the fix list.

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I'm looking for a seed that has a good snow biome with Trader Jen in it, couple cities maybe. I've managed to see her in every other biome but typically, I find when I generate a random seed and fly around quickly to scout it, snow biomes tend to most commonly have vast open wilderness and very little roads. Every other biome I've noticed pretty awesome improvements in road-generation and how roads connect to both POI's and traders, but just not the snow biome. If any of you have such a seed please let me know, here's a cool one where you spawn in green forest right next to a car that has the perk for sprinting in sneak without using stamina:


Seed: Incorrigible Valley

World Name: Lost World


Trader Jen is nearest trader and her shop is in the green forest, with a functioning chemistry station, cement mixer and forge, but a destroyed workbench which may (Has for me) provided a workbench schematic. I've gotten the college jacket early-game in two runs on this seed, there's a good amount of cement and cobblestone piles in the POI's near her as well.

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For all poor AMD users: I generated some 8K random maps in my NVIDIA GPU Laptop and uploaded them to google drive. Just download the RAR file and unzip it to "C:\Users\<Your windows login>\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\GeneratedWorlds", then you can use those random maps in you game!




West Wukoje Territory <- "Hong Kong" Seed 8K Map

New Betivu Valley <- "Kowloon" Seed 8K Map

South Mifau County <- "Tuen Mun" Seed 8K Map

East Robopa County <- "Yuen Long" Seed 8K Map

West Yajire Territory <- "Sha Tin" Seed 8K Map

North Huxixi Mountains <- "Tsuen Wan" Seed 8K Map


Guys give a working link to download


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Anyone have any great Nitrogen maps i can download? I cannot use Nitrogen myself as I use Linux


You should be able to run NitroGen on Linux too, using any 1.8 compatable Java Runtime (Oracle or open).

You just need to launch the jar file using the command line


java -jar nitrogen.jar


have a look at the .bat files on how to increase the heap memory if needed.


the exe version for Windows is just a convenient launcher

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Do the nitrogen maps work on dedicated servers? i have tried using Kalarro map. i unzipped it and added the folder to the worlds folder, changed the name to the same as the folder name in the config and its not working, i could be doing something wrong if anyone has any ideas? i got it to work in single player.


Edit: i got it working by changing all 3 gameworld, worldgenseed and gamename to the folder name

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  • 4 weeks later...

I've been playing SharksInTheUSA and it spawned me right between the Desert city and the half Desert half forest in the middle. I posted up in the half and half town and then moved between the 3 desert cities and the loot is very nice. 

GoSharkYourself is just one I found while searching random seeds, I haven't searched around it very much. 



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This is quite specific for a new YouTube series I'm doing, but I've seen some requests for a "city map" ... Nitrogen will, with some tweaks, allow you to do an entire wasteland map that's almost one entire city. Here's a map I'm not using if anyone's interested. This is using CompoPack43.


Currently, I'm running this on nightmare, with x10 zombie spawns. One of the more dangerous series I've played.






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