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A major factor to keep in mind for those who disagree with changes in A18


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1. Test for yourself first of all. A change that looks bad in your opinion might work when combined with all the other changes.


2. If you feel something is bad or doesn't work, explain WHY. Don't just say this sucks. Provide a reasoning for it in a calm manner.


3. Explain things nicely. This is a constantly adjusting build and things can be changed if they are not in a good spot.


4. Make sure to post lots of detail. For instance if you feel zombies are too easy make sure your posting your difficulty, your zombie count, horde count, zombie speed, game stage, day in game, etc.


5. Remember this is an experimental build and things will be adjusted as needed, but you have to document and explain WHY they need to be changed instead of ranting.


If anyone else has anything else to add feel free

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