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A18 Bigger Backpack Mod! (60/96 slot. Versions with food/water on HUD available)

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Anyway to use this with the SMX UI mod? Just want to increase the backpack size without the UI changes since I have that with SMX..

Be realistic, how can he increase the size of the backpack without changing how the slots are displayed in UI? It doesn't make sense. You ask to bake a cake without an oven. Plus with A17 and onward, changing stuff through modlets, lets say how backpack slots look shouldn't affect how the rest of your UI looks like except that part.

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I think I fixe the issue about the Steroid buff not working.


Change the code from:

	<set xpath="/buffs/buff[@name='buffDrugSteroids']/effect_group/passive_effect[@name='$CarryCapacity'][@operation='base_set']/@operation">base_add</set>



	<set xpath="/buffs/buff[@name='buffDrugSteroids']/effect_group/passive_effect[@name='CarryCapacity'][@operation='base_set']/@operation">base_add</set>


It should work fine now.



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Updated Gitlab with that fix.


Also, regarding being unable to use some of the later slots... I tested it. SOMETIMES it happens on a new save, it ALWAYS happens if you apply the mod to an existing save.


No idea why. This was not a thing in A17... soooo... god knows. But new save seems to make it work most of the time (like 3 out of 4).

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Yes but I'm absolutely not even going to try and xpath that because it was a pain to do it hard-coded into the XML.


I would suggest sticking with the 60 slot bag in that case. That's close to vanilla size in terms of icons.

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Minor bug: Adding this mod causes the hitbox on the toolbar items is smaller than it should be.


Hi KhaineGB,


I've created a own style for this problem.


Change the style.xml from


   <!-- Make the icon select area a bit smaller so there's no overlap -->	
   <set xpath="/styles/style[@name='itemStack']/style_entry[@name='width']/@value">50</set>
   <set xpath="/styles/style[@name='itemStack']/style_entry[@name='height']/@value">50</set>	


to this:

<append xpath="/styles">
	<style name="kh60_itemStack">
		<style_entry name="select_color" value="[beige]"/>
		<style_entry name="press_color" value="[limeGreen]"/>
		<style_entry name="final_pressed_color" value="[lightGrey]"/>
		<style_entry name="background_color" value="[mediumGrey]"/>
		<style_entry name="highlight_color" value="[hoverColor]"/>
		<style_entry name="holding_color" value="[white]"/>
		<style_entry name="width" value="50"/>
		<style_entry name="height" value="50"/>
		<style_entry name="hover_icon_grow" value="1.5"/>
		<style_entry name="on_press" value="true"/>
		<style_entry name="sound_volume" value="0.75"/>
		<style_entry name="pickup_sound" value="[pickup_click]"/>
		<style_entry name="place_sound" value="[place_click]"/>


In your controls.xml I changed the style from "itemStack" to "kh60_itemStack".

Works fine, I think.

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The style fix works. Thanks.


The itemtypeicon is missing from the backpack - this shows the schematic book icon


<sprite depth="8" name="itemtypeicon" width="17" height="17" sprite="ui_game_symbol_{itemtypeicon}" pos="2,-2" foregroundlayer="true" visible="{hasitemtypeicon}" color="{itemtypeicontint}" />

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can this come in a size 72 ? I loaded the 96 but the icon are too small for my eye.. eye sight is failing me... and I would love a few more slots then the 60... it's that goldilocks just right size? lol … I did find some old backpack mods out in the net but no post on them working with the new updates.


will sent a pre thanks , for reading , reply , and a big Thanks if you have one made and post a link :) will dl the 60 and give it a try till then..

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I love having the extra backpack space...but for some reason I can't "grab" everything using R, is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


On 18.1 b5 experimental it works and it should work for stable too, remove the existing mod and dl again.

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