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Welcome to the Institute


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So I never got around to finishing it since it caved in twice before attempt number 3, but I finished the scenic room or entrance, dining quarters before I figured I would throw it until a18 comes out, might give it another crack some day, thought id share what I had done at least lol.


Featured and plans:


Its a fully underground base inspired by the Institute from fallout 4. It was designed to have 4 quarters and the center room connecting the quarters. The idea was 1 quarter would be dining leading to a food storage room, 1 medical/chemist leading to the hydroponics farm room, 1 manufacturing area leading to general storage room, and lastly the underground garage leading to the 'kill room' for horde nights, and leaving the 2nd level for residential all around. The ground lights are always powered and the roof spot lights are solar to light the place up when its daytime to make it feel like your still in the cycle lol. Ill probably make a v2 and properly finish it one day. Here they are!






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