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This is because it's locked behind a code.

You won't be able to select it until it's available to the public.


Also remember to keep in mind that the Experimental Release Candidate is not a Stable build.


It's not intended for you to start a long playthrough on. You should anticipate the possibility of having to wipe your save in a couple of days.


In a17 we required wipes between most of the experimental builds, and also with each stable build. a17.1 saves were not compatible with a17.2. You can expect that it will be a similar experience for a18e, a18, a18.1e, a18.1, ect.


Only Opt-in to the build if you are OK with this, and are willing to properly report any bugs you run into. (Instructions are in both the bug reporting forum section, and in the a18 Bug Reporting thread that will be in the Announcements section when it releases.)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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