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Observations of a18 critical errors


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I watched streams from different people. And I do not understand super hard bugs that could not be missed in any way by a team of testers who do not know how much they tested the game.


1. When trying to modify rag clothes, a critical error crashes, prohibiting it


2. The world generator crossed the biomes, dividing them by a straight line running along the square. That is, at the junction of the biomes there were even high cliffs separating them


3. The lantern in the helmet does not work


4. VERY IMPORTANT!!! For some reason, all streamers have some problems with the booty. For everyone I opened, weapons literally drop out through the box, heaps of ammunition, portable turrets, electric tubes and so on. Very unbalanced loot. Each weapon box is a 100% weapon. Ordinary boxes give it very often. I don’t understand how it was possible to allow this during the test.


5.When the electrodink enters into a state of shock, subsequent beats interrupt the twitching animation, and turn on the animation of the pain from the shock. A zombie can fall to the ground in an electric state, but he must twitch under the effect of electricity until it ends, otherwise it looks silly


6. I don’t know if this can be attributed to bugs, but a blow with an electric baton reproduces the sound of some kind of sand, but it doesn’t strike at metal. The spear has a similar thing with a sound, the sound is like some kind of glass, but not like a spear piercing the flesh


p.s. The translator wrote through Google, so that distortion of thoughts is possible

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It was not bait. This was a quote from the developers, because of which the game was postponed until tomorrow, the first time.


He was postponed in order to eliminate critical errors. But in fact, starting the game, not having time to play for 10 minutes, errors are thrown that could not be noticed if no one turned on the game before its release.


That is, the issue has already been postponed from the last time for 2 weeks. But for some reason, the same mistakes immediately struck the streamers when they did not even delve into the game. Everything was literally on the surface. When using standard items, red texts fly out. When using standard mechanics, something instantly bugs the entire screen. I do not understand

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If everyone had the same exact hardware configured exactly the same way as the testing team then there would be no console errors. But not everyone is the same and this is why bugs emerge that never showed themselves to the testers.


This is another reason a soft launch is good as it gives a manageable amounts of emergent errors that can be fixed before 20k + people start playing.


Also, Monday was always the date given. Madmole shouldn’t have given false hope by saying “maybe Sunday”. In the official A18 thread the target date that is posted never changed from Monday.

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