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New Dedicated Server - Setup running but unable to connect.


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Trying to save some money from a monthly bill for a dedicated server.


Windows 10 using the SteamCMD install.

Server runs up with no errors.


Port forwarding is set for the game:






Using the WAN IP I can telnet to the server, and see the log showing the connection.

When trying to connect to the server with the game it connection times out.

The Server console never shows an attempted connection.


From the Server I have verified port forwarding, and disabled the firewall entirely (just for troubleshooting).

All looks fine on that front.


Any suggestions on what may be obvious, but just missing my eye?



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Check your server is really listening on 26900 (check the logfile for this)


Lots of information missing:


You said Port forwarding. So on the local lan you can connect? And on WAN not? If it is your home network it is a router problem and depends on your router setup. If it is a rented server, who manages the WAN-firewall?


How did you verify the port forwarding from the server? I would say that is rather difficult to do (if you contact the external IP from inside the WAN the router might have special rules that allow this even though the port is still blocked to the outside).

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Lots of good questions and sorry about missing the details.


This is my own PC, I wasn't able to try LAN at the time of the post (building this at work and have multiple networks I can build).

I just tried, and was able to connect via LAN... so as you said something looks wrong on the port forwarding.


The way I tested port forwarding was both using a website to test. https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/

And also using telnet with the port in question to see if reject.


When telneting to the port 26900 I get a response from the server but it drops the connection.


So googling again, I found another set of ports I did not forward. 25000 - 25003.


Doing that I still cannot connect via IP address but I can connect to it through the game browser? Weird AF.



EDIT -- CORRECTION - Acutally it shows in the browser, prompts for password then times out.


Never actually shows on the server that the session started. Hmm... time to dig deeper.


Here is a screenshot of the port forwarding (comcast)



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If it helps here are my settings.




The reason for that ip for the listener is I was having trouble with my Ark server showing in list so it was easier to use the Ark one for 7D.


I also never ever got that port forwarding check site to work...I have checked all my ports with it and it says they are all closed but I and others have no trouble connecting to my server.

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Thank you all for the replies.


I moved my server to my house which is on ATT Uverse, and did the port forwarding there, and all works with no issue.

must be something in the comcast router at my office that wasnt laying down right. Could not afford to do a reboot on it at the time.


In the end, server is up and running. Able to connect from the outside and inside world.


Now that it is up, its more of a sit and wait for A18 and see what that brings.


On that front, I did not an independant server during A17 unstable roll out, so it was updated by the provider with little issue on my side.

Now that I have my own box, and use SteamCMD, is there something different / special in the commands that will need to be run for the unstable release next week?

Before I was using: app_update 294420 validate



Thanks again for all the replies.

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Myself, I just open Steam on my server computer, goto Library tab hit Tools and install The 7 Days to Die Server from there. Done. Well then I set it up how I want of course and add any mods. But the initial setup yeah. Easy Peasy.

I may also put multiple copies of the server on my drive and then vary the settings for different occasions. I put shortcuts on desktop of them and just start the version I am in mood for.

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