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What happened to the highrise buildings in random gen, the zipline and adding a lift?


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So I remember in a 16 there were a few high rise buildings that I never see in random gen anymore, I also remember the zipline being in the creative menu in a 15 or 16 and ziplining from one high rise building to another, which was a ton of fun, Anyone know what happened to that?


Also I remember a mention in the DEV blog, waaaay back about them adding a lift, I LOVED this idea, and it would have been brilliant if they implemented it to go up or down on a special block so you could adjust how high or low you wanted to build it. Would love to know if this is still an idea in the works.


And lastly im hoping for more high rise/skyscraper buildings in general, now we have distant terrains and buildings it would make for some amazing scenery/realism!

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High rise buildings should be in A18, except for one they are also enabled in A17.4, but relatively seldom.


Zipline is history for a long time now.


A sort of lift was recently mentioned by MM as an idea. He wants a rail system that can go vertical as well. But it is just an idea, there are hundreds of ideas they might want or think about and only 10 or 20 will ever make it into the game.


I'm not sure about highrise buildings, but A17 definitely had too few tier-5 buildings. Probably their designers will add a few every alpha.

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You can easily up the count for most any buildings in the game by altering the rwgmixer.xml

look for line similar to this --> <prefab rule="skyscrapers" min_count="2"/>

thats a prefab rule... so it handles skyscrapers as a group


or you could up the probability individualy


<prefab_rule name="skyscrapers"> <!-- Downtown Zone Groups -->

<prefab name="skyscraper_01" prob="0.2"/>

<prefab name="skyscraper_02" prob="0.2"/>

<prefab name="skyscraper_03" prob="0.2"/>

<prefab name="skyscraper_04" />



these prefab rulings are taken directly from vanilla rwgmixer.xml

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Dam, would have loved to see them both make their way in the game, I'm hoping they will get to the stage where they are happy with the perks and all that, and then start focusing on adding cool new things like that, and adding more buildings and other environmental objects to help make maps and areas look more unique and real.


Thanks for the replies, and ill have to try that out bigstep70! thanks a lot!

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