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I can't connect to my server


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Hi everyone. i live in uk.. and my internet is from Virgin Media.. hub 3.0.. and i am struggling here for more than 8 hours trying to figure this out... i manage to make a dedicated server.. but i can't manage to portforward my router.. i tried everything.. i login into my router and from there.. is just dead end.. i found a virgin media thread but doesn't really work..


so i am asking ur help.. can anyone tell me how do i set up my router step by step pls?? btw i can't seem to change ip in the settings either.. i need an answer.. me and my friend just want to play private server... help!!

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From the Steam forum....


NAT Facilitaion bypass For virgin Media users

I have just spent the last hour on the phone with a Technician from Virgin media and we have found this to work for those who have Virgin Media.


login superhub

make sure all ports in port forward are reset to default or delete them! (Apply)


1st thing DHCP Reservation

Reserve the IP of pc your using.



tick box and enable last digit of your IP


Turn pc off. turn router off

Router on first wait to load up.

then start up pc


This works perfectly for me.. Hope this can help others using virgin Media

Also, it looks like you replied there that this fix worked for you.

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